Hi, I'm Sabrina Ramonov 👋

Who is this chick?

Hi, I’m Sabrina Ramonov 👋 

At age 30, I sold my AI company for over $10M.

Then, I spent 3 years healing from burnout.

window shopping @ Park City

Despite studying physics and computer science at UC Berkeley…

Despite awards like Forbes 30 Under 30…

Building my AI company was brutal.

Each day was a battle against technology limitations, market uncertainties, well-funded competitors, and my own doubts.

So, I vowed to leave AI behind.

But, in 2023, I bought a home and wanted to decorate.

I didn’t want to spend lots of money, so I tried Midjourney to create affordable canvas art, upscaled with AI, then printed out at Costco.

The results blew my mind! 🤯 

My puppies, Hugs and Bubble

Highland cow

When my family came to visit, they asked — “How?!”

I shared ChatGPT and Midjourney with them.

And, I watched their skepticism transform into wonder.

Their jaws dropped, eyes lit up with possibilities, as I showed them how to:

  • make Midjourney canvas art for their own homes

  • automate 24/7 lead generation with ChatGPT

  • translate DMV tests with ChatGPT

I realized the next wave of AI, powered by LLMs, would empower millions of people beyond the tech industry. That AI could rapidly accelerate your growth, success, and learning if you know how to use it.

Since that day, I’ve spent my time sharing ways to use AI.

All while using AI to help me create content — ideas, experiments, research, creatives, drafting, and editing.

In just 3 months:

  • I grew from zero followers to over 73,000

  • went viral on TikTok, HackerNews, and LinkedIn

  • launched an O’Reilly course on Generative AI Agents

  • started making money with my AI-powered test prep app

  • started making money as a content creator, without selling courses

I realized I'd tapped into a global thirst for AI knowledge.

So, on June 1st of 2024, I pledged 1000 more days making educational content.

My mission?

To teach 1 million people how to use AI.

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Sabrina Ramonov

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