5 Free AI Courses with Certifications

Here are 5 free AI courses with certifications in 2024 that you can show off on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and to potential employers:

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to AI, covering core concepts such as deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks. It includes hands-on labs and a project, focusing on generative AI models like large language models (LLMs). The course also explores AI applications in various domains, ethical considerations, and career opportunities in AI. Ideal for those seeking a thorough understanding of AI and its impact on different industries.

This learning path offers essential skills for applying generative AI in your career, covering core AI concepts and functionality. It is designed to help learners understand and utilize generative AI, making it a suitable choice for professionals looking to enhance their AI knowledge and capabilities, particularly in the context of career development and practical applications.

This on-demand training includes four short tutorial videos and a knowledge test, offering a badge upon completion. The course covers topics like LLM applications, success strategies with generative AI, and assessing potential risks and challenges. It is aimed at individuals seeking a quick yet comprehensive overview of generative AI, suitable for enhancing LinkedIn profiles or résumés.

This course focuses on the basics of generative AI, offering a badge upon completion. It is designed to boost your cloud career by showcasing the skills developed during the course. Ideal for beginners seeking to understand generative AI fundamentals and demonstrate their proficiency with a recognized credential.

This course provides an introduction to image generation using AI, culminating in a badge that can be displayed on your profile. It is suitable for those interested in learning about AI-driven image generation and looking to enhance their skills and career prospects in the cloud computing domain. This is the most technical course of the 5 listed here, as it walks through training and deploying your own image generation model to Google’s Vertex AI.